Get Your Home Loan or Bond from Prime less 2.5%

In South Africa the home loan interest rate went up to 15% last week contrary to many people's hopes and wishes.

Home Loans SA

For buyers this is good news as it has just strengthened the already good buyers' market.

Furthermore as a buyer in this climate you can use your buying power to not only negotiate a good home deal but also a favourable bond or home loan in terms of interest rate and other costs associated with bond registration.

In this regard you would need to get comparitive quotes from all the major banks and financial institutions which can be a tedious process.

To circumvent this time consuming process, which could also damage your chances of getting a good home loan deal incidentally, you can get a reputable bond originator to do it all on your behalf at no cost to you.

What they will do for you is the following;
  • Home Loan & Financial Institutions
  • They will approach all the main financial institutions with your bond application details and negotiate the best deal possible on your behalf.

  • Interest Rates
  • You will be able to get the best interest rate which could be anything from 2.5% below prime.

  • Your Choice
  • You will be presented with the various home loan deals negotiated for you and you will then be able to choose the deal that best suits you in terms of interest rate, bond costs & legal fees.

  • Cost
  • Your reputable Bond Originator will do all of the above on your behalf completely free of charge to you.

Furthermore it is often the case that despite an applicant's high standing with their own bank, they more often than not can get a better home loan deal through this Bond Originator than their own bank can offer them.

So whether you need a new bond or would like to switch your bond to take advantage of a better interest rate offer, you owe it to yourself to ensure that you have the best home loan deal that you possibly can.

To get the process started all you need to do is to complete a simple online application here »