Home Loans and Online Bond Applications

Buying a home is exciting, but can also be a time of anxiety and apprehension.

Home Loans

One of the biggest hurdles is securing the best home loan deal as interest rates change from bank to bank.

Therefore, whether you are buying a home for the first time or thinking about a second home or wanting to consolidate your debt you can find out here how you can secure the best home loan deal without the hassle of doing it yourself

Below you have the choice of applying online with 2 of the best Bond Originators in South Africa who will negotiate the best deal on your behalf at no charge.

Apply Online for a new Home Loan, a Second Bond or a Cash Advance to Consolidate Your Debt

Online Bond Originators and Mortgage Loans

  • SecuBond Bond Originators

    SecuBond Bond Originators offer...

    • Up to 108% loans for first time buyers - also save legal fees
    • Home Loan extensions
    • Home Loan switches - save with a lower interest rate
    • New home loans
    • Debt Consolidation - One low interest payment

    and will consult with you regarding the financing of your mortgage and after negotiating with all the financiers in the country will present you with the best options.

    Furthermore, SecuBond will handle all the administrative and legal paperwork on your behalf (with permission of course).

    Click on the following link to complete a Simple Online Bond Application Form »

  • Bond Shark Home Loans and Mortgages

    One of the most common questions posed is "How do I get the best rate on my Bond?"

    Well you could walk into a bank, stand in a queue, get the form, fill in the form, return to the bank and hand it in. and then wait, follow up, followed by more waiting...

    ...and then repeat the process for each bank.

    Don't worry though because there is a much better alternative that is not only free but does away with all of the above.

    The solution is Bond Shark Home Loans

    The process is simple...
    • Fill in a simple online form here »
    • Once this has been done you will be contacted by Bond Shark for some documents.
    • Bond Shark then negotiates, on your behalf, with all the lending institutions to secure the best bond rate for you.
    • Your bond will then be approved quickly and without hassle.

    Why Use Bond Shark?

    Bond Shark offers you the following benefits over approaching the banks yourself...
    • You save time and hassle - No more queues or repetitive forms.
    • Bond Shark deal with the banks on your behalf and negotiate the best rate with major banks for you.
    • Faster bond approval - Direct ties with all major banks ensure faster approvals.
    • You only fill in this One simple form
      You only provide your details once for access to all major banks.
    Bond Shark does all the hard work for you - and all of this completely free of charge to you.

    So click on the following link to complete the simple Home Loan Application form »

    SA Home Loan Mortgages